Civil Society Energy 2022


In the Civil Society Cooperation 2021 project, our main goal was to create energy cooperatives from renewable sources in Ukraine, then with the beginning of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, we had to respond to new challenges, primarily related to the huge number of IDPs and the energy crisis. Therefore, at the origin and with the support of the German government, our project has been reoriented to more urgent needs related to the development of sustainable models of providing affordable and clean energy to IDPs.


To slow climate change, global society must change its habits. First of all, the daily use of fossil energy has a devastating effect on our climate. The main goal of the project is, on the one hand, the organization of study trips to get acquainted with the German experience of using renewable energy sources for self-consumption and the creation of energy cooperatives, as well as increasing the level of competences and popularizing the use of RES in Ukraine.


WECHANGE eG funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Germany


Tasks and activities:

  • Development and implementation of an educational online course
  • Organization of study visit WandelLab 2022, Germany
  • Organization of an expert trip by energy cooperatives in Germany
  • Development and creation of the project web page


March-December 2022


  • More than 100 registered participants for the online course "Designing photoelectric stations using professional software", 80 certificates of course participants, 30 certificates for advanced training
  • Citizen Energy Ukraine project page has been developed
  • More than 30 participants of study visits to Germany
  • 5 projects of sustainable solutions for IDP shelters have been developed